Frame drum making courses for 2024

Ignite your rhythmical passions and hone your crafting skills at Matt Stonehouse's new St Andrews workshop, Steam and Lumber.
Places are limited to 3 participants in each course,  assuring students are given the tuition and attention required to handcraft their own beautiful frame drum. During this inspirational three day intensive, you will learn about timbers used for instrument making, steaming timber to bend the frame, woodworking techniques, use of various hand-tools to craft the shell, apply natural goat skin to the shell and a few handy hints on playing them. In addition, students experience a transformative creative process as simple, natural materials begin their transformation into a musical instrument.  
Winter intensives are now open and bookings can be made via the Steam & Lumber website.

This year also saw the launch of the ‘Rhythmic Reverie’ program. This four month program was designed to expand on the creative processes involved in drum making. Participants have milled timber at the Melbourne Guild of Fine Woodworking under the guidance of Alastair Boell and completed the 3 day intensive, hand shaping beautiful frame drums. The next module we have guest teacher/artist Ilka White. For this module, students will use inkle looms to weave the highly individualised banding. This is followed by online classes covering playing techniques and rhythms, before the final class of repertoire held by musician Yuval Ashkar
Please contact Matt Stonehouse to express your interest in this program for 2025 (Max' 6 students).

Workshop/Studio location:
St Andrews, Victoria 3761