Short Bio

My musical journey began as a guitarist. I played Rock and Blues styles before venturing into Flamenco and then Middle Eastern and Turkish styles. I always loved the right hand techniques found in Flamenco guitar and used these to create my own textural style of playing. I also played Mandolin for many years and was lucky enough to inherit my Grandfathers beautiful old flat back mandolin. He was a Jazz musician back in the early 20s.

Around 17 years ago I started playing Arabic percussion and these drums later became my 'main instrument' rather than guitar. I spent many years traveling and studying different styles, techniques and rhythms from all over the Middle Eastern region. I traveled through Iran and was amazed at the incredible level of musicianship to be found there. I loved the people and their fantastic sense of humour. I spent three months in Esfahan learning to play the Daf and Tombak before heading back into Turkey to study more Darbuka in Istanbul. Turkey is a country I have visited several times now and have become rather addicted to Turkish culture. A truly remarkable country indeed.

The past 25 years has seen me play with all sorts of groups and in many inspiring and unusual situations. Some highlights include being the co-founder of a Middle Eastern Surf band The Reefers, playing for the great Rumi translator and poet Coleman Barks, recording on over thirty CDs for groups such as Alwan, Unified Gecko, Yggdrasil, My friend the chocolate cake, Babaganoush, Mista Sivona, Latitude 37 and recording my own compositions such as the ones on this site. I have performed at many festivals around the world and yet still feel like my musical journey is only just beginning.

In 2009 I set off to make my first feature length documentary called The Rhythmic East. With a small and talented film crew I set off and spent four months traveling throughout Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Turkey and Greece, filming musicians along the way. The film had its premiere in July 2013 and is now available to rent or purchase through Vimeo on Demand. The Rhythmic East made the 'Official Selection' at Bare Bones International Film Festival.

Of late, I have been composing on a mandocello and writing pieces that will be accompanied by the clay daholla drums and possibly in a larger Eastern style psychedelic group being formed as I write. I kind of consider myself a drummer that plays some stringed instruments on the side.

I am always open to new creative projects, tours and musical collaborations.