"The most amazing percussionist from Australia and that sector of the world I have ever come across" Hossam Ramzy

"There's a beautiful fluidity to this music and a "trueness" - as in considered, thoughtful and crafted. 
You are hearing diverse influences here- influences learnt from teachers and musicians across the world- listened, absorbed. Integrity in spades" Hear and Now music

"He has looked deep inside himself, has looked far out past the horizon of time and culture, and carved from the silence a music that has waited for his hand, waited for his ear, waited for his heart and soul to finally reveal themselves to us.
A quintessentially Australian album, but made possible only because of the unique international life of this utterly irreplaceable musicianMorgan Taubert

"Evoking Pat Metheny's 13 layer Electric Counterpoint" Australian Hi Fi