Music and Film by Matt Stonehouse
hanks for dropping by. You can find all of my original music here and even a few older tracks from my 'Storyteller EP' (1998). Click the 'Music' menu above to listen and download my music. The price of the download is set by your good self. Any money generated from this will go back into recording new compositions. I am currently writing new works for the Mandocello and clay Daholla drums.
To learn more about the film 'The Rhythmic East' and where to purchase it or to find out how to play the darbuka/ daholla and the Fingers of Fury drumming community just see the blog below. I work as a freelance musician and am open to many different creative projects and collaborations. Drop me a line via the contact form here.
Enjoy, Matt Stonehouse.


New album vinyl release 'Rosie's point of view.'   Podcast

Full album on vinyl-Black 140grams. This entire album was composed with vinyl in mind. A beautiful recording and a must have for any instrumental music fan. Record comes with free download card. 

This album came about when a close friend of mine asked me to be the caretaker of a lovely early 70's mandocello (This is the largest of the mandolin family which I have tuned to GDGC). I spent the better half of a year composing before heading into the studio to begin the recording process. This was an unusual…

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New album 'Rosie's point of view' fundraising campaign!!  Podcast

Greetings everyone,
I am very pleased to announce my new album is set for a Spring release! Could there be a better time to release a fresh creative project? I am thrilled at the outcome of this recording and owe so much to the multi-talented Chris Toro for his producing skills. Chris has been a tower of support this past nine months of mixing and overdubbing- what a mammoth job it is, to finish an album.

I now have a Pozible campaign for those wishing to support the final stages of production- You can…Read more

New album underway! 

The new album is well underway with all of the tracking now complete and the mixing beginning in November. The recording was done at Echidna Studios and engineered by Greg Macmillan in the lush Christmas Hills region of Victoria.
I wouldn't say it was an easy recording session by any means having to play all the instruments on my own. How do you 'jam' and test ideas out when it's a solo affair? In the six months leading up to the recording I created my own demo's to use as studio guides and was able to…

Amanaska tour of Western Oz. 

What a tour that was! A huge thanks to Musica Viva! for all their hard work and passion to get live music into our schools. Amanaska is a group formed by the multi-talented Simon Lewis and consists of my self on percussion, singer Raleigh Williams and Indian Bansuri player Vinod Prasana. An amazing team to say the very least.
Amanaska covered many thousands of km's performing across the whole South Western district of WA. I have to say this really is the most stunning part of Australia. If you like lush…Read more

New video featuring clay Daholla and Guitar 

Recently I hit the studio with a close guitarist friend of mine, Glen Kniebeiss. Glen is from an Australian based group called 'The Ambients.' Glen and I came up with this improvised piece which shifts through a few modern and Arabic rhythms leaving lots of room for the imagination. I hope you enjoy it!

The Rhythmic East music documentary 

                                      'The Rhythmic East' documentary is now available to buy or rent at Vimeo on demand! Get yourself a copy!!

Filmed in six different countries 'The Rhythmic East' begins when an Australian percussionists Middle Eastern Surf band 'The Reefers' breaks up. This unfortunate event leads to some humorous yet compelling questions about his own drumming journey urging him to make a spontaneous musical pilgrimage from Egypt to Greece to see how it may change him as both… Read more